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 Turn Adversity Into Opportunity.

A Unique Combination Of Neuroscience + Mindfulness

What is NeuroFitness...

  • It's about quickly & easily balancing your nervous system to boost your immune system
  • It's about rewiring your brain for peak performance and happiness
  • It's about being balanced and focused during a crisis
  • It's about becoming as strong and balanced as you can be to help others
  • It's about finding greater clarity and strength to meet life's challenges
  • It's about getting past fear and worry to inner peace and strength

Our Products

The BalanceSystem™

The Balance System- delivered over 10 Sessions, is a clinically tested curation of Sound Frequency, Guided Visualization, and Coaching, to progressively release subconscious limiting beliefs and re-wire the brain for life-changing transformation and empowerment.

Introducing The Three Pillars of  NeuroFit™

Guided Visualization

Guided Visualization is a neuroscientific method analogous to hypnosis led by a teacher, in person or via audio or video. 

We have collaborated with Dr, Saunders, PhD of Cybernetics of the brain, who has created a series of guided visualizations to strengthen and support your NeuroFitness. 

The Difference: Guided Visualization vs Meditation 

Meditation is about clearing your conscious mind by focusing on the present moment. 

Guided Visualizations focus on the subconscious and the limiting beliefs that are embedded within and focus on shredding the limiting beliefs inhibiting your ability to sustain focus, productivity, and fulfillment. 


NeuroFit™ embeds within the soundtrack of each of the Guided Visualizations designed by Dr. Saunders, specially curated, evidence based frequencies of sound which cause a response in the listeners autonomic nervous system. 

Temporary stimulation by these frequencies, combined with the listeners cognitive and non-cognitive participation while listening to the Guided Visualization, promotes Relaxation, Mental Clarity and Balance.

Personal Mastery Coaching

NeuroFit complements Dr. Saunder's Frequency Embedded Guided Visualizations with Jenifer Merifield's Personal Mastery Video Series. 

Jenifer has significantly transformed hundreds of peoples lives over her many years of Transformation Coaching. Each of the 10 Personal Mastery Videos guides the viewer to an understanding of how to integrate the newly re-wired empowering beliefs instigated by the Guided Visualizations.

The Experts

A Neuroscientist In Your Pocket

Meet, Dr. Cliff Saunders PH.D, MSc, BSc

Dr. Saunders is a Behavioural scientist with a Ph.D. in Cybernetics, who teaches how to use the latest in neuroscience to improve your enjoyment of life, optimize your physical, mental and emotional health, optimizes your ability to reach for and achieve your personal and professional life's goals.

Over the past 40 years, Dr. Saunders has worked at the CEO level with large organizations to enhance their executives and employees' strategic thinking abilities. 

This revolutionary approach leverages the science of neuroplasticity and results in a dramatic transformation in the way problems are solved; solutions are designed, which ultimately produces unprecedented performance improvements.

A Personal Mastery Coach On The Go

Meet Jenifer Merifield MNLP, LABC, PEMC

Jenifer is a Personal Excellence Mentor and Mindset Coach 
Certified in Language and Behaviour Profiling, Life Coaching, Master Level Neuro-Linguistics, Human Behaviour, Body Language, and Communications.

Jenifer has helped hundreds of people transform insecurities, self-doubt, and limits into self-confidence and high self-worth so that they thrive and abundantly succeed in all areas of life.

Meet a Satisfied User

Professor Alexander Manu

Strategic Foresight Practitioner & Future-Proofing Organizations

"I was struck by how I was performing outside the program. I usually write 2000 words a day. Since I've been doing the sessions, I now write 3000 words a day.

  Anybody involved in transformation design, transformation in organization and disruption needs to be able to clear their mind, and that's why I would recommend this."

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