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The BalanceRoutine

A  Neuroscientific Morning & Evening Relaxation Routine

Here's How It Works:  Both the Morning & Evening Routine sessions combine a neuroscientifically engineered Guided Visualization with specially curated binaural sound frequencies that play in each ear, bringing your brain waves into harmony.

Relaxation Guided Visualization

Listen to this before The Morning & Evening Routine

A neuroscientifc tool used to communicate directly with your sub-conscious. In this 20-minute visualization you'll be gently and carefully guided into a deep state of mindful relaxation, expertly designed to clear your mind of sub-conscious clutter and distraction!


Listen To This Every Morning Before Breakfast

JOY OF LIFE: This 7-minute experience has been one of our clients favourite Sound Therapy sessions at our Toronto Clinic for many years. 

The smooth and subtle bi-naural positioning of Frequencies is a blissful way to find deep might find yourself smiling at the end of this session!


Listen To This Every Evening Before Bed

DEEP SLEEP:This 7-minute SelfCare experience uses a curated selection of bi-naural Sound therapies. 

The wide frequency range of this protocol  gently deepens and optimizes sleep quality.

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