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The BalanceSystem Starts With:

  • Our bodies have innate wisdom
  • The mechanisms to transform are within us.
  • The problem is that we have lost the intuitive ability to harmonize our mind and body at will.
  • Meanwhile, our false beliefs leave us feeling powerless, helpless, and vulnerable.
  •  A system that can deliver the kind of lasting change you need requires not one, ... not two… But THREE unique, science-based mechanisms that work on both the conscious and the subconscious--interwoven and harmonized... and expertly delivered over a specific sequence of relaxing sessions.  
  • And this is built using the careful research of talented PhDs and specialists.

So if you can be a little bit curious and open, and you can trust data-driven science...

Meet Dr. Clifford Saunders PHD Cybernetics...

To learn why The BalanceSystem™ is so effective at bringing you the lasting change you desire.

The 10-Steps Of The BalanceSystem™

The NeuroFit Happy Brain System is broken into a 10-step system that makes personal transformation easily accessible to anyone.   

Each step provides a calming experience that no other system delivers... to bring about lasting happiness, calm, and confidence.  

Step 1: The Destressor

• Experience a relaxation so profound you’d never believe it was possible without drugs. 

• The Truth about Limiting Beliefs: Learn to quickly discern which limiting beliefs are essential life preservers, and which are “false securities” you should avoid like sharks!

• The 3 essential keys that unlock your mental prison so you can break FREE to live the life you’ve dreamed of.

Step 2: The Head Stretch

• Learn to stretch your imagination like Marvel’s Super Stretching “Plastic Man.” Experience the joy of KNOWING you haven’t BEGUN to tap your true potential!

• Put yourself instantly in a dream vacation--so real, it’ll deliver similar benefits.

• How to send your Inner Critic packing like an unwelcome hostage-taker--before this session is over.
• Why thinking outside of the box is still a ball and chain... because Elite minds know: THERE IS NO BOX!

• How only 10-20 minutes of this whimsical activity allows you to blow people’s minds with your new untethered imagination—and FOREVER transform your problem-solving and creative thinking at work and home.

Step 3: The Brainwash

• The athletes’ secret for “getting in the zone” to accomplish feats that astonish their fans. (And... how you can do the same... in your own area of expertise when you learn these same physiology skills.)

• Keep from “freezing” or “panicking” in moments of stress by understanding what’s really going on in your brain.

• The little-known “tiny” method for making far more progress than you ever thought possible... that takes you far beyond your current comfort zone.

• Amaze your boss, your friends, and most of all yourself with increased productivity from these procrastination hacks.

• Learn the magical benefits of flashing your beautiful smile... and don’t be surprised when your mind and body smile back.

Step 4: The New You

• Experience the scientific method that exposes layers of un-limiting beliefs, allowing you to mine buckets of hidden gold.

• Why you suddenly like yourself more these days... because of what you stopped focusing on.

• How to feel so confident you can fit in anywhere and be totally at ease.

• Announcing... the emergence of YOU 2.0 -- that SUPERMODEL version of your best attributes... prepare to walk the runway!

Step 5: The Mindful Warrior

• Activate the powerful self-healing mechanism that occurs when you get your body into a place of peace, calm, and relaxation.
• Eye-opening explanations about past irrational actions and how to recognize the pattern before it happens.

• How to embrace your fear of the unknown like a warrior... and draw inspiration from it... and go on to conquer mountain tops you never thought scalable.

Step 6: The Dreamscape

• Why the “unselfish” act of taking care of others before we take care of ourselves sets everyone up for disaster (This session turns what you thought about selfishness on its head, so you don’t have to feel guilty ever again).

• How “silly” self-indulgences others frown on could be your best-kept secret for achieving balance and flow (Because a happier “YOU” is a more likable and enjoyable you).

• You should pursue balance as a means for success, right? WRONG!
Why pursuing “freedom” is a more practical approach to achieve that elusive “balance.”

Step 7: The Alchemist

• Why letting off a little steam now and then is healthy... and how to do it before you blow up—and still retain your dignity and reputation.

• Do you have any of these 4 disastrous reactions to stressors? This session shows you what to do instead to retain your cool at home and on the job.

• Secrets about your brain’s response mechanisms that 99% of working professionals don’t know about... (Knowing these will make you a HERO in the workplace... and at home, too!)

Step 8: The Energizer

• Are you frequently upset about certain external aspects of yourself? Here’s what never to do when working on your self-image if you don’t want to irreparably harm it.

• Live happy, peaceful, and healthy “In the Zone” every day from the moment you wake up. When you rejuvenate your Mind/Body connection for “coherence,” it’s possible. (Did you ever dream IMPACTFUL living could be so simple?)

• 3 immediate benefits you get from this clinically proven “Inside/Out Approach” of Self Awareness—that’s different from what most people do and why it’s so much more effective.

Step 9: The Wake-Up Call

• The guided Visualization that works like a cleanup crew to clear out the clutter of your mental “attic”... So later, while you sleep, your mind will begin to rewire it for higher and better uses.

• The little-known technique that (1) makes severing your attachment to the past easier and (2) lays an exciting, new foundation for envisioning your vibrant and passionate future.

Step 10: The Inner Sanctuary

• Create your personal sanctuary where you can safely think... reflect... imagine... Plan your perfect life in a safe harbor... when life’s waves get a little rough.

• What to put in your sanctuary garden that will help you define and create the life you are now making real.

How It Works...

The 3 Pillars of Inner Transformation

The three unique, science-based mechanisms that will transform your life by subconsciously reprogramming your mind are:

• Guided Visualizations
• Sound Frequency Therapy
• And Personal Mastery Coaching

These elements work in concert to free you from limiting beliefs and give you the tools to take control of your life. ...

Guided Visualization

The guided visualizations relieve your stress almost immediately...

Then you go to work on overcoming your limiting beliefs (which you probably aren’t even aware of).

You might not know this, but…

Your subconscious treats memories, impressions, incidents, as though they are real, even if they aren’t.

This is a powerful realization in itself, and allows you to reprogram your fear and stress responses.

Our visualizations help you navigate your subconscious world and dismantle the limiting beliefs and fears, keeping you paralyzed and feeling powerless.

It’s an adventure, really... an opportunity to expand your mind... or clear out clutter... create new worlds or slay old dragons.

You’ll become quite the warrior!

All while feeling calm and relaxed.


These Neuro-Acoustic Protocols are embedded in musical tracks that you listen to as you go on your guided visualizations

They are specially curated binaural sound frequencies that play in each ear, bringing your brain waves into harmony

Sound kind of strange?

That’s okay. Let me explain.

Imagine a partner approaches and says, “Hey… dance with me.”

And they take the lead, well... you’d try to fall in step, right?

With sound frequency therapy, it’s like every brain cell gets an invitation to dance.

And the cells which vibrate at a natural resonant frequency can be forced to match the more dominant frequency.

In neuroscience, this is a tuning process called entrainment.

All you need is an easy way to bring everything into alignment.

The Guided Visualizations have a clear goal in mind—to provide calm, self-control, self-reliance, resolve, resilience, happiness, confidence, and self-respect...

These Neuro-Acoustic Protocols help that process by bringing your brain cells and waves out of dissonance and into coherence.

But these two pillars aren’t enough.

You also need a guide.

Personal Mastery 

To really take control of your inner life, we’ve found that someone outside your experience is needed.

Just like learning the piano or any new skill, you can do it on your own, but it goes so much faster with a coach.

As part of the BalanceSystem, each step provides video-based coaching,  to provide you expert guidance... so you can experience day-to-day victory.

TOur video-based Coaching uses retrospection to give you a new process for making healthier decisions.

You’ll walk through your experiences, memories, and subsconcious with confidence and clarity, bringing you peace and harmony like you’ve never felt before.

A Harmonic Trio That Creates a Powerful System Like No Other…

Together, these pillars form a synergistic whole that works on both the conscious and subconscious levels to derive powerful, life-changing results.
This blend of Science methods is why The Balance System™ Can Help You Overcome…

Feel yourself relax deeply with guided visualizations and carefully chosen binaural sounds that target subconscious limiting beliefs.

Guided visualizations are an excellent form of intervention... when there’s real or perceived stress. It’s like having a first responder that rescues relationships between highly stressed couples.

Often, a result of pain, guided imagery, and sound frequency therapy is effective for levels of pain in patients diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and inflammatory causes. 

Experience more consistent sleep patterns and deeper REM sleep and wake up refreshed and ready to tackle the day and live each day fully.  

Loving-kindness meditation—an advanced session--builds more reliable, trusting relationships and increases social connectedness. 

Now You Can See Yourself A Calm And Relaxed Person, Even If That’s Never Been Possible Before

And the reason we are so sure it will work for you is that it has worked for thousands of others online and in our Toronto clinic.
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  • 10 Personal Mastery Coaching Sessions: $997
  • ​19 Neuroplasticity Exercises by Dr. Saunders: $297
  • 10 Personal Mastery Exercises: $47
  • 40+ Transcripts of all audio/video material: $97
  • ​The Happy Brain E-Book: $17
  • ​10-Steps to Balance Workbook: $27
  • Personal Mastery Workbook: $47
  • ​The NeuroFit™ Planner: $7

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